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About us

That Drone Show brings you everything you need to know about drones. Whatever your drone interest or dilemma we have shows and articles for you.

Hosted by husband and wife David and Sarah Oneal, That Drone Show is the leading drone channel and website.

Inspired by the issues they came across on That Drone Show, David and Sarah founded International Drone Day. The first annual event took place on March 14 2015, and saw the drone community come together for a common cause – to educate the world that drones are good.

Drones attracted unprecedented levels of positive mainstream media coverage, and real communities grew from the day. In 2016 over 80,000 people worldwide took part.

The next International Drone Day is Saturday May 6th 2017.

David and Sarah’s documentary, The Drone Invasion, explores commonly held myths about drones. Drone enthusiasts and key industry figures appear in the film. It is a must watch and is available now on Amazon.

David and Sarah are marketing experts and help companies in the drone space and beyond to grow their client base, through video production, social media marketing, and trade show and event services.  To see more of their work contact Wildly Creative Marketing.

Available to speak on all matters drone, Sarah and David live by the motto #DronesAreGood