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How Drones Fly

By David Oneal | October 2, 2019

I OWN A drone. Maybe you do, too. I use mine to make simple videos and annoy my dog. Drones are quite popular these days, and you can get a nice one without spending too much money. Oh, I’m talking about the remotely controlled flying vehicles with four rotors, not the bigger drones scientists use to study climate changeand…

How drones work?

By David Oneal | October 1, 2019

In this brave new digital world, the word “drone” has taken on some seriously ominous overtones. Mass media portrays drones as cold-blooded mechanizations silently soaring the skies in search of unsuspecting human targets. The general public sees surveillance drones as creepy reminders that someone, somewhere is watching every little thing you do. Drones are indeed…

Drones fall from the sky

By David Oneal | September 29, 2019

Drones are not immune to the whole “What goes up must come down” thing, and their descent is not always planned. If a drone falls out of the sky, the plummeting load can weigh up to a dozen pounds and be accompanied by four spinning rotors ready to rip into, or lop off, anything that…

New Gargantuan Internet-Beaming Drone Aims to Succeed

By David Oneal | September 27, 2019

David Oneal says this is cool man! A race is on to build a fleet of solar-powered drones that beam internet down to the Earth beneath them, and the tech titans are dominating this chase—or so we thought. But now that Google and Facebook both have dashed their plans for roaming unmanned internet planes, a…

Heliguy and ParaZero Partner to Sell Safety Parachutes for DJI Drones

By David Oneal | September 26, 2019

Parachutes offer a quaint but effective safety measure for commercial drone operations, particularly those flying near people or with expensive payloads. UK drone retailer and DJI distributor Heliguy has today confirmed plans to sell ParaZero’s SafeAir parachutes, which can be used with a range of DJI drones to improve safety and minimise damage in the case…

UK Expands Airport No-Fly Zones

By David Oneal | May 10, 2019

The UK Government is today putting into place new legislation that will extend no-fly zones around airports to 5km. There is also a promise to impose major penalties for those who break the law. The government decided to bring in the changes before the new Drones Bill has been finalized, in part as a reaction…

Germany’s busiest airport was closed for an hour following drone sighting in Frankfurt

By David Oneal | May 1, 2019

Thousands of air passengers across Europe are facing delays and cancellations today as French air traffic controllers go on strike.  British Airways and Jet2 are among the UK airlines facing passenger fury as planes were forced to take long-way-round routes to avoid French airspace.  A departure board at London Stansted showed flights to Portugal, Spain, Sweden…

New DJI Product with Underwater Vibes Expected on May 15

By David Oneal | April 10, 2019

Drone industry leader DJI has confirmed the launch of a new product on May 15th. The teaser has some distinctly underwater vibes and is offered with the tagline “Unleash your other side.” It doesn’t look as though a Phantom 5 is on the cards. The imagery also seems to suggest a product that’s waterproof, rather…

DJI to Launch UTC Training Center Program Across North America

By David Oneal | March 10, 2019

DJI has today announced plans to launch an Unmanned Aerial Systems Training Center (UTC) program across North America. The Chinese industry leader is partnering with industrial UAV experts RMUS to open eight training centers. DJI’s motivation for the move is clear. In a blog post published by the company today, they cite the vast increase…

International Drone Day 2019 details

By David Oneal | February 16, 2019

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