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UK Expands Airport No-Fly Zones

By David Oneal | May 10, 2019

The UK Government is today putting into place new legislation that will extend no-fly zones around airports to 5km. There is also a promise to impose major penalties for those who break the law. The government decided to bring in the changes before the new Drones Bill has been finalized, in part as a reaction…

Germany’s busiest airport was closed for an hour following drone sighting in Frankfurt

By David Oneal | May 1, 2019

Thousands of air passengers across Europe are facing delays and cancellations today as French air traffic controllers go on strike.  British Airways and Jet2 are among the UK airlines facing passenger fury as planes were forced to take long-way-round routes to avoid French airspace.  A departure board at London Stansted showed flights to Portugal, Spain, Sweden…

New DJI Product with Underwater Vibes Expected on May 15

By David Oneal | April 10, 2019

Drone industry leader DJI has confirmed the launch of a new product on May 15th. The teaser has some distinctly underwater vibes and is offered with the tagline “Unleash your other side.” It doesn’t look as though a Phantom 5 is on the cards. The imagery also seems to suggest a product that’s waterproof, rather…

DJI to Launch UTC Training Center Program Across North America

By David Oneal | March 10, 2019

DJI has today announced plans to launch an Unmanned Aerial Systems Training Center (UTC) program across North America. The Chinese industry leader is partnering with industrial UAV experts RMUS to open eight training centers. DJI’s motivation for the move is clear. In a blog post published by the company today, they cite the vast increase…

International Drone Day 2019 details

By David Oneal | February 16, 2019

New DJI Phantom 5 drone & Interchangeable lenses

By David Oneal | May 13, 2018

New DJI Phantom 5 with interchangable lenes looks amazing, check out the photographs The Phantom 5 is rumored to come with 15mm, 24mm, 35mm and 50mm lenses. You can, however, just make out the same red markings on the side of the lens that we have seen before, as well as the wording “DJI Lens”…

DJI Watch Coming Soon

By David Oneal | May 13, 2018

DJI Watch Coming Soon A number of rumor sites and social media accounts have been reporting that DJI is going to be offering a smart watch soon, the pictures look promising The leaked pictures show a photo of the rear of the watch as well as a sketch of their patent filing.Not much is yet…

International Drone Day – Around the World

By David Oneal | May 13, 2018

International Drone Day 2018 was celbrated all Around the World in May of 2018 and over 150 teams of people across 30 countries participated in the 4th annual event this 2018. That Drone Show LIVE — That Drone Show (@thatdroneshow) May 14, 2018

International Drone Day in the Uk – Mini Air Show 2018

By David Oneal | May 11, 2018

International Drone Day comes to the UK this weekend with the “Mini Air Show 2018” Team Miniairshow was started in 2015 by Dom Robinson, of Hidden Valley fame, to celebrate International Drone Day created by David Oneal and to show that #dronesaregood This weekend May 11, 12th the UK skies come alive with the 4th…

International Drone Day Press Coverage

By David Oneal | May 9, 2018

International Drone Day 2018 took place on May 5th and the media took note. International Drone Day on Twitter International Drone Day on Instagram News stories International Drone Day 2018

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