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International Drone Day 2019 is taking place at the main location this year of El Paso Texas this year. May 4th 2019 is the date for the main event this year. Come on out to the 5th annual International Drone Day and show the world that Drones Are Good!

International Drone Day 2019 details

By David Oneal | February 16, 2019

New DJI Phantom 5 drone & Interchangeable lenses

By David Oneal | May 13, 2018

New DJI Phantom 5 with interchangable lenes looks amazing, check out the photographs The Phantom 5 is rumored to come with 15mm, 24mm, 35mm and 50mm lenses. You can, however, just make out the same red markings on the side of the lens that we have seen before, as well as the wording “DJI Lens”…

DJI Watch Coming Soon

By David Oneal | May 13, 2018

DJI Watch Coming Soon A number of rumor sites and social media accounts have been reporting that DJI is going to be offering a smart watch soon, the pictures look promising The leaked pictures show a photo of the rear of the watch as well as a sketch of their patent filing.Not much is yet…

International Drone Day – Around the World

By David Oneal | May 13, 2018

International Drone Day 2018 was celbrated all Around the World in May of 2018 and over 150 teams of people across 30 countries participated in the 4th annual event this 2018. That Drone Show LIVE — That Drone Show (@thatdroneshow) May 14, 2018

International Drone Day in the Uk – Mini Air Show 2018

By David Oneal | May 11, 2018

International Drone Day comes to the UK this weekend with the “Mini Air Show 2018” Team Miniairshow was started in 2015 by Dom Robinson, of Hidden Valley fame, to celebrate International Drone Day created by David Oneal and to show that #dronesaregood This weekend May 11, 12th the UK skies come alive with the 4th…

International Drone Day Press Coverage

By David Oneal | May 9, 2018

International Drone Day 2018 took place on May 5th and the media took note. International Drone Day on Twitter International Drone Day on Instagram News stories International Drone Day 2018

Brand new 2018 DJI Phantom Pro Drone

By David Oneal | May 8, 2018

Today, DJI quietly releases the new Phantom 4 Pro V2.0. It is no surprise really, as we have been reporting on this new quadcopter from the Chines drone maker for some time now. The P4P V2.0 retails for $1,499, or more depending on options, and is available for purchase starting today. Here are all the…

International Drone Day 2018 Media Coverage

By David Oneal | May 4, 2018

Drone magazine is covering our International Drone Day 2018 event in Ohio this month   DRONE Magazine Issue 33 is on sale now! We’ve another action-packed issue as we round up the best and brightest UAV technology on the market, including our cover star, the Ryze Tello, which boasts some serious DJI tech inside a very…

International Drone Day 2018 Location for the Main Event

By David Oneal | April 6, 2018

Wondering where the location of the main event for International Drone Day 2018 is?

DJI Mavic Air Flying

By David Oneal | March 11, 2018

Even though the starting price is a high investment for a gadget with a 21-minute battery life, the upgraded tech housed within the sleek chassis makes the Mavic Air quite attractive, especially since it’s cheaper than its bigger brother. And, unlike the Spark, it ships with its own dedicated controller, which goes a long way…

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