Sweden bans camera drones

Oh no! Sweden bans camera drones!


Sweden bans camera drones! It is now illegal to fly a drone with a camera in Sweden unless the drone pilot holds a special surveillance permit. This is because the  Supreme Administrative Court of Sweden has passed a new ruling which classes camera drones qualify as surveillance cameras and states that they require a license. A lower…

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Drone search and rescue

Drone search and rescue in Wisconsin!


Drone search and rescue in Wisconsin! Drone search and rescue is one of – arguably the – best uses of drone technology. Due to legal restrictions most US search and rescue drone operations are carried out on a volunteer basis. Often the family or friends of a missing person will reach out directly to the…

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3D Robotics Solo

Should you buy a 3D Robotics Solo?


Should you buy a 3D Robotics Solo? 3D Robotics launched its Solo drone at NAB in April 2015 to great excitement. Holding court at one of the largest booths on the main floor at the exhibition, the many 3DR employees manning it were inundated by people eager to see the latest “must have” drone. Check out our…

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Uber drones

Uber drones! Car service puts adverts in the sky


Uber drones!   Using drones to hold advertising banners has long been discussed. A couple of years ago we did an episode of That Drone Show in which we interviewed the CEO of a company that did this along the Las Vegas strip. Now, the popular global car service Uber has brought the topic back…

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Drone rescue

Drone rescue! Veteran and dog saved


Drone rescue! A DJI Phantom 3 Professional was used to save a Navy veteran and his dog in a severe North Carolina flood in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. This is one of the best examples we have seen of both “drones are good” and the power of social media. Texas based Craig Williams was…

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Flying review of Ghostdrone 2.0!


Ghostdrone 2.0 VR flying review! Ehang launched this year but it was somewhat overshadowed by their 184 – the people carrying drone. We got our hands on one and fly it in our latest show. Check it out –         Ghostdrone 2.0 comes in two ways – with VR and without. We…

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Plug in and stop drones near you!


Plug in, stop drones! That’s the claim being made by Cyborg Unplug. Cyborg Unplug offers a ‘privacy appliance’ which detects and optionally disconnects devices which are ‘known to pose a risk to personal privacy’ – such as drones. Users simply plug the appliance in and connect their smart phone. The unit then looks for wireless signatures…

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Drones spy on you?

The Drone Invasion at the AMA Expo East and West!


AMA Expo has answered your prayers! You’ve asked for more screenings of The Drone Invasion movie. Here they are! We are delighted to announce that The Drone Invasion will be screened at the AMA Expo West and the brand new AMA Expo East. The AMA Expo East has just been announced and finally the east coast…

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Action Drone AD1 flight on Flashback Friday!


Action Drone AD1 flying test! Today we are flashing back to the time we flew the Action Drone AD1 in high winds. What did we think to it? Take a look at the video and find out –       We can not stress enough how cold and windy it was on this day!…

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