David Oneal That Drone Show

Hosted by David Oneal the show
created the global event called 
International Drone Day 

David  started out with a
DJI Phantom Drone in 2014

He wanted to learn much more  about drones and created a video show on YouTube called That Drone Show. 
From 2014-2017 the show was a worldwide success on YouTube and even created a movie version. 

Dave Oneal Drone Racing

Your favorite drone guy hosts a drone race with happy smiling drone show fans

David John Oneal drone show 

David takes you to Palm Springs to try out a brand new drone for some fun under the sun with a drone show. 

David Oneal with a dog 

That Drone Guy David Oneal plays with his dog and a little drone, the doggy is named Nugget and she loves to play with her daddy and the little toy drone indoors. 

David Oneal before drones 

David John Oneal loved Disneyland prior to loving drones and when he was 18 years old in 1989 he made this video in his bedroom before heading over to Anaheim Ca. 

David Oneal drone review

Drones are good and fun to fly and now Dave Oneal takes a drone and flys it around a little park for fun


David Oneal has a wildly creative time in Las Vegas and shows us all how the amazing DJI OSMO works now

David Oneal

Drones with David Oneal

David Oneal

On the radio with David Oneal

David Oneal

Special Day with David Oneal

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David Oneal Videos 


Dave oneal heads to the drone shop with a fellow who shows him how to use a DJI osmo camera. A camera with tech from a drone. 


David Oneal loves drones and checks out a camera drone in Las Vegas for a good time and views that surround the audience amazing drone

David Oneal very first drone ever

David Oneal buys a drone at the store and fails to read the directions and just flies it in the house, what could go wrong... everything.. 

about That Drone Show

We are That Drone Show

David Oneal wanted to get a drone but when he asked for help online, people were such assholes to him. So he made up his own video podcast and eventual YouTube show and it grew with the help of many people. 


David Oneal

Back in 2014 there were not many drone laws at all and drones were not even supposed to be called drones and the people hated Dave Oneal for calling them drones. 


Drones are good 

So Dave Oneal did not care and called them drones and eventually created International Drone Day with other people around the world and people embraced the word drone eventually 


How long does it take?

People loved International Drone Day and it spread around the world and has been held every year in May since 2015, its a global phenomenon 


Live stream the drone show?

Yes, drones can stream LIVE and many drone pilots stream live views on their youtube shows, and dave oneal has done so at the beach with many white and black drones before, exciting! They make a beep beep noise too for laughs.

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