Drone sense and avoid – win $15,000!

Win $15,000 for drone sense and avoid traffic management!

HiddenGenius has partnered with the UAS Traffic Management Convention 2016 to launch a competition that demonstrates the best in drone sense and avoid technologies.

The competition will take place on November 9th at the UAS Traffic Management Conference in Syracuse, New York.

Competitors will demonstrate their drone sense and avoid technology during a drone biathlon. Competition one will be won by the competitor that completes an obstacle course in the fastest time, while the second competition will be won with the drone that successfully avoids a moving object while hovering at the fastest round of closure speed.

You can register to take part in the competition now.



drone sense and avoid

The competition course could look like this



The competition is the first step and will lead into a competition with an even larger prize. This will focus on tackling the critical challenge of drone sense and avoid for low flying aircraft.

“Many companies and organizations are working on SAA (sense and avoid), but there is real power in demonstrating it in an open competition and building public trust,” commented Trevor McKeeman, CEO of HiddenGenius. He added, “We won’t see widespread drone package delivery or flying commercially beyond line of sight without it.”

The competition was brought about by the advancement of drones and the opportunities this brings to traffic management. For example, drones being used to monitor the safety of rail track, bridges, and power lines, package delivery, and humanitarian missions.

If you’re unfamiliar with HiddenGenius, they focus on competitions to speed up bringing new technologies to market so that people can benefit from them.


drone sense and avoid


The UAS Traffic Management Convention 2016 focuses solely on drone traffic management. It takes place November 8-10 2016 and attendees will experience a private tour of New York’s FAA-designated UAS test site.