Ultimate Drone Gift Guide – Part 6!

Ultimate drone gift guide!

Christmas is now in sight. As the pressure to find the perfect gift piles on we help you to find it!


Ultimate drone



In Part 1 of our Ultimate Drone Gift Guide, we helped you find the perfect drone for the drone lover in your life who loves to take good quality pictures and videos, is a selfie addict, or who travels light.

In Part 2 we identified the perfect drone for a fixed wing flyer, for someone wanting to start small, and for someone wanting to have fun flying indoors.

In Part 3 we found great gifts for someone in need of a new way to carry their drone, and the perfect gift for someone that needs a place to fly.

In Part 4 we showed gifts for someone that loves beautiful photographs or who wants to capture amazing aerial images, for a movie lover, and for someone that wants to spread the word that drones are good.

In Part 5 we introduced you to gifts perfect for a drone pilot that wants to capture moments when they can’t fly.

We have tested drone products of all shapes and sizes. Here are more gift ideas based on our favorites.

We hope you find this useful. That Drone Show’s Ultimate Drone Gift Guide Part 7 is coming soon!



A drone gift for someone that wants to light up the sky

When taking pictures at night it can be hard to capture the perfect shot. Lume Cube solves this. Put these small lights on your drone and low light ceases to be an issue.

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Lume Cube costs $79.99



A drone gift for someone that wants peace of mind

Ehang is the only company to offer a  1 Year No Hassle Warranty on their drone.

The GHOSTDRONE 2.0 does not have a remote control. Instead, you fly it using your phone, which you tilt to control the direction of flight.

It has an abundance of safety features, and if you break it they will fix it free of charge!

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The GHOSTDRONE 2.0 Aerial is priced at $399 which is a very low price for a 4K camera drone.

The GHOSTDRONE 2.0 VR comes with a virtual reality headset and is $699.99

A drone gift for someone that is safety conscious 

If safety is top of mind put a Tile Mate on your drone. This tiny, lightweight attachment allows you to track the location of your drone. So if you have a flyaway or your drone is stolen you know where to find it!



Ultimate drone

Tile Mate tracks your drone if it flies away or is stolen



The Tile Mate is priced at $24.92



A drone gift for someone that wants to fly as much as they can

Flight time on drones is pretty short. They usually last around 20 minutes. So, batteries will be well received by your drone lover!

Prices vary by drone.



Ultimate drone

Drone batteries will always be well received. Photograph courtesy of CNET



We hope you found gift inspiration in That Drone Show’s Ultimate Gift Guide. Part 7 follows soon!