Ultimate Drone Gift Guide – Part 4!

Ultimate drone gift guide!


Black Friday sales are still on and Christmas is now in sight. As the pressure to find the perfect gift piles on we help you to find it!


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In Part 1 of our Ultimate Drone Gift Guide we helped you find the perfect drone for the drone lover in your life who loves to take good quality pictures and videos, is a selfie addict, or who travels light.

In Part 2 we identified the perfect drone for a fixed wing flyer, for someone wanting to start small, and for someone wanting to have fun flying indoors.

In Part 3 we found great gifts for someone in need of a new way to carry their drone, and the perfect gift for someone that needs a place to fly.

We have tested drones and accessories of all shapes and sizes. Here are more gift ideas based on our favorites.

We hope you find this useful. Part 5 of our Ultimate Drone Gift Guide is coming soon!




A drone gift for someone that loves beautiful photographs


Drones have opened up the world in an entirely new way. We are now able to view the beauty of our surroundings in never before seen ways, with a clarity that is truly mind blowing.

Photographer Aldyrn Estacio has wonderfully captured the beauty of San Diego in a beautiful hardcover book.



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San Diego – Aerial Drone Photography By Aldryn Estacio Vol. 1 is a perfect gift for a drone lover or fan of San Diego. Picture courtesy of Flyt Path



San Diego – Aerial Drone Photography By Aldryn Estacio Vol. 1 is priced at $32.62



A touching gift is a photograph of a place that is special to your loved one. Maybe their home or the place they got married! Consider commissioning an aerial photograph of this special space. For a reliable high quality drone pilot contact Drones 4 Hire.



A drone gift for someone that wants to capture amazing aerial images

The images a drone captures are as good as the photographer capturing them.

Two expert photographers have published books on how to get the best from your drone. Both books offer tips and tricks to ensure the images captured are the best they can be.

Eric Cheng, former Director of Aerial Imaging at DJI, recently published his book Aerial Photography and Videography Using Drones.

We speak to Eric about the content of his book here –




Aerial Photography and Videography Using Drones retails at $23.16


Another talented photographer, PhotoshopCAFE’s Colin Smith, just published The Photographer’s Guide to Drones.



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The Photographer’s Guide to Drones is full of tips and tricks for taking epic drone pictures



The Photographer’s Guide to Drones is available for $24.25



A drone gift for a movie lover

Everyone enjoys watching a movie!

The Drone Invasion is the first film to focus solely on drones. Featuring interviews with celebrities and leading members of the drone world, The Drone Invasion confronts popular beliefs about drones.


Get a taster here –



The Drone Invasion stars Jeff Timmons, Anthony Cools, and Lance Burton. Plus, That Drone Show’s David and Sarah Oneal, Sally “Drone Girl” French, the Roswell Flight Test Crew, Jim ‘Demunseed” Bowers, Flite Test, and many other well known faces.



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Anthony Cools and David and Sarah Oneal star in The Drone Invasion



The Drone Invasion is available to buy digitally for $9.99. It is free if you have Amazon Prime!



A drone gift for someone that wants to spread the word that drones are good

The Drone Invasion and International Drone Day were both conceived in order to show the world that drones are good. Spread the message with official merchandise, or show your love for That Drone Show.


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Show the world that drones are good




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Rock an International Drone Day shirt



T-shirts and long sleeved shirts are priced at $19


We hope you found gift inspiration in That Drone Show’s Ultimate Gift Guide. Part 5 follows!