Ultimate Drone Gift Guide – Drone Racing – Part 9!

Ultimate drone gift guide – Drone Racing!


guide - drone racing



With little over a week until Christmas you need to make your final gift purchases now. We are here to help you!

In Part 1 of our Ultimate Drone Gift Guide we helped you find the perfect drone for the drone lover in your life who loves to take good quality pictures and videos, is a selfie addict, or who travels light.

In Part 2 we identified the perfect drone for a fixed wing flyer, for someone wanting to start small, and for someone wanting to have fun flying indoors.

In Part 3 we found great gifts for someone in need of a new way to carry their drone, and the perfect gift for someone that needs a place to fly.

In Part 4 we showed gifts for someone that loves beautiful photographs or who wants to capture amazing aerial images, for a movie lover, and for someone that wants to spread the word that drones are good.

In Part 5 we introduced you to gifts perfect for a drone pilot that wants to capture moments when they can’t fly.

In Part 6 we told you about the gift that will always be well received, and the present for someone seeking peace of mind.

In Part 7 we advised you on how to choose the perfect racing drone.

In Part 8 we found the best FPV goggles and the best bag for your racing drone.



We have tested drones and accessories of all shapes and sizes. Here are more gift ideas based on our favorites.

We hope you find this gift guide – drone racing special useful. Our Ultimate Drone Gift Guide roundup is coming soon!



A drone gift to help a racer win

The CONNEX ProSight is a huge game changer in drone racing. It is made up of a delay-free 720p30 FPV HD camera,  delay-free, delay-free HD transmitter, and digital HD recorder. These work together to provide a crystal clear view of a course.

For the pilot it is like watching a race on a color television as opposed to a staticky black and white set, thus making them more likely to see obstacles and so win a race.

We have spoken to a number of pilots about these – watch out for our interviews coming soon! – and they all loved them. None had a single bad thing to say about ProSight.



Check out our look at CONNEX ProSight –



ProSight is compatible with all popular HDMI based Goggles and monitors and supports a line of sight range of 1000ft to 3000ft.

CONNEX ProSight is available now for $399



A drone gift for a racer that wants to fly regardless of weather

The saying “practice makes perfect” has never been truer than with drone racing. The best racers fly as much as possible, knowing that every flight they make improves their skill.

It’s not always possible to head out to somewhere that accommodates fast FPV flying, and that is the reason for the explosion in popularity of the Tiny Whoop. This micro drone flies smoothly indoors and is small enough to crash without ruining your home.



guide - drone racing

Tiny Whoop has started a micro drone racing craze



Expect micro drone racing to become even bigger in 2016 as these drones can be flown anywhere, regardless of weather.

Tiny Whoop is available for $168





A drone gift for a racer that crashes (that’s all of them!)

In That Drone Show’s Ultimate Gift Guide we have looked at frames, goggles, storage, batteries, transmitters, and video systems.

In addition to these, your drone racer is going to need a bunch of other things in order to regularly fly their drone. Namely –

  • Motors
  • ESCs
  • Props
  • Antennas
  • Battery straps
  • Board camera for FPV
  • HD camera for recording (optional)
  • LiPo charger
  • Soldering iron


guide - drone racing

EMAX’s RS2205S RaceSpec Motor



All of these would make awesome gifts that would be gratefully received. If you are in doubt, know this – a drone racer can not have too many props, motors, ESCs or batteries. Having these will help them get back up in the air following a crash.

If you buy batteries do not charge them prior to giving them! To ensure safety the pilot should do this.




guide - drone racing

Dal Props are one of many types available from Amain Hobbies



We recommend you check out EMAX or Amain Hobbies for these. They have wide selections of products and friendly and knowledgeable staff that will help you to find the right fit for your drone racer.

Prices vary but start at a couple of dollars making these great stocking fillers.


With our Gift Guide – drone racing editions you can now confidently purchase a great racing drone, goggles, and bag. The next edition of our Ultimate Drone Gift Guide – Drone Racing special follows soon!