The Drone Light Show – the future of entertainment!

That Drone Light Show!


What is That Drone Light Show?

This week That Drone Light Show debuted a 30 drone aerial light show to an invite-only audience. We were lucky enough to be there and were blown away. Say goodbye to fireworks Рthe future of event entertainment is drones!

At the spectacular event, which took place in Michigan, multiple drones danced in the sky, creating hearts and 3D shapes. They even formed the ‘M’ from the Pure Michigan campaign! Pretty colors lit up the night, and it was a breathtaking sight.


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How does it work?

That Drone Light Show uses 30 autonomous drones armed with the latest innovative swarming technology. Hundreds of bright custom made LED lights are added to these drones, and they dance to a soundtrack or story line of the event organizer’s choice.

The show is bespoke to each event, meaning it can feature your logo, words of your choosing, and much more.


Is it legal and insured?

That Drone Light Show has FAA authorization to operate in all US states. Insurance for a show like this is, as you might imagine, hard to get. However, That Drone Light Show has it sorted and so can put on the show you want legally and fuss free.


the drone light show

Drones form shapes and light up in colors of your choosing for a fully customized show


How can I do a show at my event?

Until now drone light shows have been hugely expensive to put on – it has been difficult to obtain permission to fly, insurance has been hard to get, and they have been dominated by the likes of Intel. That Drone Light Show changes all that.

Now customized shows are affordable and, with the necessary permissions already obtained, easy to do.

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the drone light show

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