The Breeze by Yuneec is here!

The Breeze by Yuneec is here and we got up close and personal with it at InterDrone.

This selfie taking drone was launched very recently and for many people InterDrone was their first opportunity to see it. And it attracted quite the crowd.

We found out everything you need to know about this cool new drone. Check it out! –



We were given the inside scoop by well known drone figure Trent “Quadcopterguy” Siggard.

Trent played a key role in developing The Breeze so you are hearing the inside scoop with That Drone Show!


The Breeze Trent

One of the brains behind The Breeze, Trent Siggard, gave Sarah the low down


The Breeze is designed to take good quality – 4K and 13 mega pixels – aerial photos and videos. Plus, it allows you to to instantly share them to social media using the “Breeze Cam” APP. So rather than having to live stream or wait to upload, you can share your experiences instantly.

Having held it we can confirm it is lightweight (370 grams) and small enough to to carry around easily. Making it perfect for capturing impromptu moments while you are out and about. That said, it is solid enough that your shots should be stable.


The Breeze

The Breeze is lightweight and compact


The Breeze works well indoors – and comes equipped with prop guards for your protection! They snap on and off very easily, as Trent demonstrates in the video.

Designed to be easy to fly and simple to take pictures with, the Breeze appears to be a great starter drone for new pilots. It would also make a smart addition to the kit of experienced drone pilots. It is not intended to replace your Yuneec Typhoon H or DJI Phantom or equivalent, but to be used at those times when you need something quick and easy.

The Breeze by Yuneec retails at $499.99 and is available now.