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Palos Verdes Cliffs and Flying a Drone

By David Oneal | March 30, 2014

Sarah and I take the drone to Palos Verdes Cliffs for some fun The Palos Verdes Peninsula was originally part of enormous ranchos owned by Dominguez and Sepulveda. “Palos Verdes” is a Spanish phrase that roughly means “green stalks” or “green wood”. A New York investment syndicate led by banker Frank Vanderlip bought the entire…

Episode #01 That Drone Show Video Podcast

By David Oneal | March 30, 2014

Episode 01: March 30, 2014

The Phantom Vision Plus VS Phantom 2

By David Oneal | February 1, 2014

I was sick of the phantom vision, so I bought a phantom 2 and this is the result The Phantom 2 Vision+ ushers in a new era of aerial cinematography with its brand new and incredibly stable 3-axis gimbal , combined with the sharp, powerful DJI-designed camera, making professional imaging tools easily accessible to everyone.

I Crash my DJI Phantom into a TREE!

By David Oneal | January 12, 2014

I Crash my DJI Phantom into a TREE! When I was just learning to fly, I crashed alot.

The very first day I bought my Phantom

By David Oneal | January 4, 2014

The very first day I bought my Phantom, I crashed it, and did other stupid things…see day one now