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New Gargantuan Internet-Beaming Drone Aims to Succeed

David Oneal says this is cool man! A race is on to build a fleet of solar-powered drones that beam internet down to the Earth beneath them, and the tech titans are dominating this chase—or so we thought. But now that Google and Facebook both have dashed their plans for roaming unmanned internet planes, a…

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DJI Osmo Mobile is here!

DJI Osmo Mobile has been released today, with the promise of turning smartphones into intelligent precision camera systems. We love our Osmo and are excited to see how this compares. Osmo Mobile uses DJI’s signature three-axis gimbal stabilization and SmoothTrack™ technology to allow smartphone users to shoot high-quality photos and videos easily. DJI Osmo Mobile boasts three-axis…

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DxO ONE gives high quality images from your iPhone

DxO ONE has altered the way we take photographs. Taking high quality photographs and videos is a passion for many in the drone community. In fact, it’s how a large number of us discovered drones in the first place! David has been passionate about photography and video since he was a child. Our camera equipment…

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