Spreading the word that drones are good

Spreading the word that drones are good


Why do we need positive press about drones?

While drones are now as familiar an item as a cell phone or television to those of us in the drone community, the general public is generally still somewhat puzzled by them.

They have probably heard about them in the news and have perhaps seen one flying in the distance, but they are unsure as to exactly what they do, how they are used, and whether or not the bad things they have heard about them are true.


Spreading the word that drones are good

Sarah is featured in Orange Coast Magazine. Photograph courtesy of Sean Teegarden


Props (ha!), then to upmarket publication Orange Coast Magazine for their recent feature on Sarah which is very much in the spirit of promoting the positive nature of drones.


You can read the full article here:




As Sarah explains in the article, education is key if we are to protect our right to fly. This is why we founded International Drone Day and made The Drone Invasion movie.


How you can be involved in International Drone Day

We are super excited for the upcoming International Drone Day on Saturday May 6th. It’s now in its third year and each year is bigger and better than the one before.

Here is how you can be involved! –

  • Put on an event in your area – contact us at info@thatdroneshow.com to find out what’s involved
  • Attend your local event – new Teams are being added all the time so keep checking the International Drone Day map to find one near you
  • Sponsor International Drone Day – contact us at info@thatdroneshow.com and we will figure out which package best suits you

We are again partnering with the Academy of Model Aeronautics for International Drone Day. They are are opening up their fields to any Team Captain that wishes to hold an event.



We are proud to partner with the AMA for International Drone Day


What are you waiting for? Put May 6th in your calendar now and keep spreading the word that drones are good!


Sarah and David are available for interview on all things drone. Please contact us to arrange a time to speak.