SoCal Maker Con drone race – the countdown is on!

SoCal Maker Con drone race is coming this weekend!

We are bouncing off our seats in excitement at Saturday’s upcoming SoCal Maker Con drone race. We are so psyched to be putting on the race with MultiGP.

The crew is organized, the track is designed, the trophies are ordered, the pipes are purchased. Are you ready to race?

Pilots will compete to win the SoCal Maker Con Cup, and to qualify to race in the International Drone Expo Cup.





It’s not too late to register. Simply do so here

Here’s a taste of what’s in store –




Plus! If you own a drone business, where better to advertise your products to new and existing drone pilots? There are a handful of sponsorship opportunities still available. Email for information.

But do it quickly! The race is this Saturday, November 5th.

Held at the Pomona Fairplex – home of the LA Fair – you need to be there!


Drone races are always exciting, but as one of only a handful of races happening in LA – and with huge media attention – this is one you want to be part of. With MultiGP involved it is going to be slick, fun, and fast paced.


SoCal Maker Con drone race

And that’s not all. Racing is just one part of drone attractions at SoCal Maker Con. Plus, we will be there filming live!

We had a lot of fun with Mr Steele, Spook and other racers at last year’s drone race, and this one is going to be bigger and better.

Here’s what happened last year –




And if that wasn’t enough it’s not just drone racing at SoCal Maker Con. There are a whole bunch of other attractions.

The maker space is closely aligned to what we in drones love doing – tinkering, designing, innovating.

You will enjoy the whole thing. Plus you can meet dinosaurs and Star Wars characters. Yes, you read that correctly. DINOSAURS AND STAR WARS CHARACTERS.


SoCal Maker Con drone race

Interact with and learn about dinosaurs at SoCal Maker Con

SoCal Maker Con drone race

Take a selfie with a Storm Trooper



SoCal Maker Con is held on November 5. Do not miss this! Get your tickets now.

SoCal Maker Con drone race

See drones and more at SoCal Maker Con on November 5