Ronin 2 – the latest game changer from DJI

Ronin 2 – DJIs latest game changer
When DJI introduced the Ronin it turned the world of film-making on its head. For the first time, camera operators were able to capture when walking the smooth motion of a drone.
It was also the first instance of drone technology breaking into the wider film-making world.
To coincide with NAB 2017, DJI last night released the Ronin 2. Described as “a more powerful, versatile and intelligent stabilizer for film and video professionals”.
Ronin 2
What camera can be used with Ronin 2?
Ronin 2 is more powerful and has more torque than its predecessors, which means it can carry cameras weighing up to 30 pounds. This allows filmmakers to select exactly the right camera for the shot. An enlarged camera cage and 50mm extendable arms support everything from DSLRs to full cinematic cameras and lenses.
Ronin 2
The Grip has a new design and is detachable which allows custom stabilization to a full range of camera mounts, including handheld and jib configurations to Ready Rig, cable cams, vehicles and drones.
Ronin 2 has a new two-axis operation mode for mounting to Steadicams, which offers unique and creative movements that were previously impossible to perform.
Ronin 2
“Ronin 2 dramatically improves every aspect of the camera operating experience and is the best stabilizer we have ever made,” said Paul Pan, DJI Senior Product Manager. “Completely redesigned to meet the needs of today’s camera professionals, Ronin 2 makes it easier than ever to capture stunning cinematic footage under the widest variety of situations.”
How easy is to use Ronin 2 when transitioning between scenes?
Ronin 2 has a quick release mount which makes it easy to transfer seamlessly from one scene to the next. Its redesigned dual band 2.4/5.8 GHz remote allows minimized interference for full control during remote and two-person operation at a range of nearly one mile.
Ronin 2
Ease of use and speed of setup is central to the design of Ronin 2. It features axis locking levers and fine tuning knobs to deliver faster and more precise balancing, while the Auto Tune Stability feature intelligently adjusts motor parameters for optimal use in seconds. Ronin 2 includes an integrated touch screen with 1,000 nits of brightness so users can directly configure the gimbal settings and for full control of mounted RED cameras.
Ronin 2
Can I carry Ronin 2 for a long time?
The Ronin 2 frame has been redesigned and is made of carbon fiber in a monocoque style. This makes it durable, lightweight and easy to carry. Ronin 2 has fold-away feet which enable the operator to set the platform down during handheld filming without the need for a separate stand – this is something we have been longing for as this equipment gets pretty heavy after a while!
What conditions can I film with Ronin 2 in?
The Ronin 2 has a splash-proof enclosed motor with internally routed power, SDI and data cabling, which mean shooting can happen even in demanding environments.
Ronin 2 has GPS and powerful motors which permit speeds of up to 75 mph while delivering 0.02 degrees of sub-pixel level precision.
The SmoothTrack system that provides stable images while the camera is moving has been enhanced to keep it in sync with the operator’s movements. For every scenario encountered by a professional camera, operators can fine-tune how their rig responds to new movements along all three axes.
Ronin 2

What are the power and battery options for Ronin 2?

Integrated power and data ports reduce the need for multiple power systems for cameras and accessories. It features four 14.4-volt (8 amps total) ports near the camera cage, two 12.6-volt (4 amps total) ports near the pan motor, and one P-Tap 12.6-volt (4 amps) outlet on the battery mount.

Dual hot-swappable batteries provide continuous uptime without the need to power down. They are capable of operating simultaneously and independently to provide 2.5 hours of runtime to power the gimbal and a RED Dragon camera. These are the same fast charging, high-capacity, self-heating batteries as the DJIInspire 2, simplifying battery management and guaranteeing reliable power in extreme cold temperatures down to -4 degrees Fahrenheit. The battery system is fully detachable to provide a portable power supply for any 12-volt P-Tap powered camera or accessory.

Ronin 2

What modes can I shoot on Ronin 2 in?

The DJI gimbal assistant mobile app has been updated and includes new functions to easily capture complicated camera moves that once required specialized expertise or additional equipment.

Panorama mode automatically controls Ronin 2 to create still image panoramas that account for the camera sensor type and lens focal length as well as the user-defined overlap rate. The new Timelapse mode can program multiple movements and camera actions at different points along a route, and view progress in real time. And CamAnchor mode lets operators quickly record a preferred gimbal orientation at particular locations, then revisit them with a simple touch as the camera moves from point to point.

Ronin 2
When will Ronin 2 be available and what is the price?
Ronin 2 will be available in the second quarter of 2017 and pricing will be announced prior to availability.
Where can I see more?
Take a look at Ronin 2 here
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