Plug in and stop drones near you!

Plug in, stop drones! That’s the claim being made by Cyborg Unplug.

Cyborg Unplug offers a ‘privacy appliance’ which detects and optionally disconnects devices which are ‘known to pose a risk to personal privacy’ – such as drones.

Users simply plug the appliance in and connect their smart phone. The unit then looks for wireless signatures and emails an alert when it detects them.


Stop drones



Outside the US, users can disconnect a drone from its network device by sending ‘specially crafted wireless deauthentication packets’. This claims to stop drones being able to stream video, audio and other data.

We are all familiar with concerns about drones and privacy, and those in the drone community know that as spying devices they are probably not the best tool! Drones are loud, obvious, and are usually flown at such a distance that privacy is not compromised.

We look at the issue of drones and privacy in The Drone Invasion documentary



Cyborg Unplug targets specific devices selected by the owner and leaves the rest alone, and so says it does not use ‘jamming’. For those unfamiliar, jamming occurs when a device disrupts communications within a given radio band by flooding it with noise. However, the US FCC regulation classes jamming as ‘any intentional disruption to a network service done by a civilian’. Hence the unit being unable to disconnect drones in the US.

That said, Cyborg Unplug note that the US restriction does not legally apply to their free and open source firmware release when it is installed onto alternative router hardware.


Stop drones


Outside the US, ‘it is perfectly legal to block any device you choose from a wireless network you own and/or administer’, say Cyborg Unplug. Adding that it ‘is just as legal, differing only in that it takes a ‘direct action’ approach to wireless defense: a detect and optional disconnect routine, alarm system and an automatically updated list of devices able to be banned’.

They do, however, highlight that the full legality depends on the jurisdiction of the operator. They further state “A screwdriver can be used as a weapon and it can also be used to fix your stereo; if Cyborg Unplug is used irresponsibly, to cause undue harm of any sort, it’s no responsibility of ours!”

Customers can choose from three models, starting at €29.

What do you think to the claim that it can stop drones dead in their tracks? What does that mean – they come crashing from the sky? You can not complete a paying job because your streaming is disabled?

We would love to test this out. If you have tested this or had it used on your drone let us know. Send an email to