The Phonedrone Ethos! Would you fly your phone?

Phonedrone Ethos is a product that will divide drone users. Is it crazy or a rad device?

We took a look at this innovative drone at InterDrone. Here’s what we found out –




xCraft’s Phonedrone came to the world’s attention in October 2015 when they won backing from all five sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank




Low, white and compact, the Phonedrone Ethos allows you to place your cell phone into the drone and fly it.

While on first hearing this it may seem a bit crazy – do I really want to fly my $900 iPhone? – there’s actually a lot about it that makes sense. By leveraging the sensor, processor, and wireless capability of a smartphone, and opening it up to development you get a drone that improves every time your phone updates. Thus, you get a powerful, cloud-connected drone for far less cost than other units.




Phonedrone Ethos works with iPhone or Android devices



PhoneDrone Ethos works with iPhone or Android devices. Aware that many will be wary of flying their phone, xCraft have included a number of safety features. These include the drone being shock resistant, water resistant, and floatable to protect from damage.

The phone also has a low battery “auto-land” function which safely brings your drone back to the ground.

The Phonedrone Ethos is easy to pair to another mobile device for control and video streaming in real time. It includes a follow-me feature which sees it follow a signal from a smartphone or smartwatch.





Phonedrone Ethos is small and compact



It also has an innovative custom mirror lense which allows you to film through three camera views. You can capture pictures and videos straight down, forward, or to the sides!

The PhoneDrone is outfitted with unique periscope hardware design enabling camera angles that are more interesting than just down.  The unique approach enables three distinct camera views.  Coupled with agile movement of the craft itself, there is no angle you can’t capture.



The xCraft Phonedrone Ethos retails at $299.  It is available for pre-order, with expected delivery in Fall 2016.