Parrot Disco Drone flying review

Parrot Disco drone!

David is a huge lover of disco music (who knew?) so flying the soon to be released Parrot Disco drone was a real treat for him.

Watch our flying review to find out what we think about this new fixed wing drone.



The Disco drone will be available September 10 2016. Described as the first fixed wing drone for immersive flights, it looks different to many other drones.

Parrot Disco Drone

Parrot describes the Disco as the “first fixed wing drone for immersive flights”. Shot with the DXO One camera

Compact, ultra lightweight at 1.6lbs, and with a brushless engine and a folding bi-blades propeller the Disco can reach top speed of 50 mph. It’s  flight time is an impressive 45 minutes and it can resist winds of 24 mph. You can fly for an hour if you also use the wind!
Parrot Disco drone

The Disco is ultra lightweight at 1.6lbs, and has a brushless engine and a folding bi-blades propeller

Designed to be easy to use, the Disco takes off and lands automatically and comes fully equipped with a powerful autopilot function to help control the flight. It’s pretty intuitive. For example, when the remote control control stick is tilted to the right, the drone will curve to the right while the autopilot lightly tilts the wing and increases the engine speed.


Parrot Disco drone

The Disco is designed to be easy to use, and takes off and lands automatically

 The Disco’s wings are engineered to optimize both stability and speed in flight, as they use an aerodynamic airfoil which reduces trail and improves lift. The wing extremities are equipped with Winglet and have mobile ailerons positioned on the trailing edge, supporting steering like an aircraft.
Parrot Disco drone

Disco’s wings are designed to optimize stability and speed

The Disco has a 14 megapixels full HD frontal camera and a 32GB memory, allowing pilots to record high quality shots.
The Parrot Disco drone comes with a FPV headset. These “Cockpitglasses” also work with the Bebop 2. The pilot puts their smartphone into the headset and they can stream live video. The FPV experience features stable images with no distortion, and follows the Disco’s flight path with a display of radar and telemetric data. We liked using these.
Parrot Disco drone

The Disco drone comes with a FPV headset “Cockpitglasses”

The Disco also comes with a remote control. The Skycontroller 2 provides a 1.2 mile theoretical reach and has been designed to blur the boundaries between gamepads and RC controllers. It is nice to use and feels like a gaming remote.
Parrot disco drone

The Skycontroller 2 is nice to use and feels like a gaming remote

Model aircraft enthusiasts may also pilot the Disco using their own RC controller in full manual mode. We saw some pretty impressive stunts!
Parrot disco drone

The Parrot Disco drone comes with Skycontroller 2 and Cockpitglasses

The Parrot Disco drone retails at $1,299 for the Disco, Skycontroller 2 and Cockpitglasses.