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The ultimate showdown 💪
The @DJIGlobal #MavicAir and the @DJIGlobal #MavicPro go head to head.
Check out our blog post to find out which #drone reigns supreme...

New FAA Regulation Would Require UAV Owners to Display Drone ID on Exterior - #DroneInsurance @FAANews #LAANC #DronePilot #TheDrive...

When you're waiting for the bank holiday weekend to begin...! #peppapig #finalcountdown #BankHolidayWeekend




100% on board for this

Amazing watching #Spot warm up before his big show at the #RoboticsSummit2018 closing Keynote in Boston! @wtwh_memich @SMMcCafferty @SteveCrowe @wtwh_Cseel #BostonDynamics @BostonDynamics #robot #robotics @DesignWorld @FluidPowerWorld #Engineering @therobotreport @RobotReportKara

In a few days #SoloMovie directed by my friend @RealRonHoward opens worldwide. I was fortunate enough to catch a screening & it’s an absolute blast. The last 30 minutes especially r going to leave you breathless. And don’t even get me started on @donaldglover - the man’s a gift

Is anyone else super excited for #solo ? Tonight it happens #StarWars #SoloMovie #SoloStarWars #movies #excited

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What does That Drone Show do?

We create Drone Events

We create drone based events such as International Drone Day, Drone racing, Drone Film Festivals, and user experience events. We create Drone Light Shows, we create custom drones for events, we create bespoke drone races for corporate functions. We deliver proven digital marekting services and social media & top notch video prodcuction


We are experts at bringing communities together through events that promote the many positive uses of drone technology. You will love it

We do drone video product reviews

Drones can be difficult to understand, what drone should you buy, what drone is best for the job? What about the laws?

We are experts in drones, through our YouTube show and social media channels we bring you face to face with leading experts in drone technology, law, and experiences. Subscribe to our channel now.

You will learn so much and the best part is you will be part of an growing community of drone operators around the world

We do your Social Media & Advertising

Business owners know they need to market, but time, money or understanding is not always there especially in the drone world.

Our company takes the hard work and expense out of marketing and offering value to your customers, by giving them the best experience

When you use us a guide, your marketing needs are met, you grow customers, and you can do what you do best, and your customers will remain the hero at all times, lets talk click here

International Drone Day

International Drone Day sees thousands of people worldwide gather to celebrate and educate about the many good things drones are used for.

The fourth annual International Drone Day takes place Saturday May 5th 2018. Discover how you can take part now.


The Drone Invasion

The Drone Invasion is a groundbreaking documentary that explores commonly held beliefs about drones. Through entertaining and educational interviews with experts and enthusiasts, the documentary asks whether drones are good. You can watch the film right now here.

Clients we serve

We have worked with the top brands and supporting brands in drone racing.

A collection of our recent client work for 2018

Space Nation promotional video

Space Nation asked for our production ability in creating a promotional video for them, featuring drone races and colorful smoke grenades.

Celebrity Drone Race

We held the world's first ever Celebrity Drone Race in Las Vegas to promote an all new easy to fly drone called the Falcore.

LA Convention Center

We created an drone racing event held in the Los Angeles Convention center for the first time ever. The event attracted top pilots from around the nation for the first ever race in downtown LA.

We are experts in marketing, Drone Light Shows, and video production and we don't expect you to be, we are here to guide you to the best solutions to what you are needing today.

Feel free to contact us via email here, or call us at:
877-406-3956 or click here to schedule a phone call that works for your schedule.

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