Oh no! Sweden bans camera drones!

Sweden bans camera drones!

It is now illegal to fly a drone with a camera in Sweden unless the drone pilot holds a special surveillance permit.

This is because the  Supreme Administrative Court of Sweden has passed a new ruling which classes camera drones as surveillance cameras and states that they require a license.

A lower district court had previously ruled that drones did not constitute camera surveillance but this has been overruled.

Concern over privacy with drones is not new. We cover this topic in our new documentary, The Drone Invasion. Check out a clip here –





Indeed, it was one of the main reasons we founded International Drone Day.

Education is key and we urge Swedish drone pilots to form an International Drone Day team NOW and get the debate moving.

If you are interested in leading this, contact us for information on what is involved and how we will help you.



Sweden bans camera drones

International Drone Day educates people as to why drones are good



There is outcry as Sweden bans camera drones. Permits are expensive to obtain. Drone pilots have to pay to apply and a decision can take up to eight months to be made.

Applications that state they will be looking to stop crime are the most likely to be passed. After this long process, there is no guarantee that an application will be granted. So, it is a risk and a costly one!

Industry group UAS Sweden (Unmanned Aerial System) are concerned that the court ruling could put 5,000 jobs in danger.

Speaking to the BBC, President of UAS Sweden Gustav Gerdes said “It is a bad decision for Sweden as an entrepreneur country and ominous for the Swedish labour market that is constantly affected by new obscure and complicated regulations from the state and its agencies”



Sweden bans camera drones

President of UAS Sweden Gustav Gerdes. Photo courtesy of Aftonbladet


There is hope that the ruling will be overturned. Many have asked for it to be tested in accordance with EU regulations. However that too may take a long time to happen.

In the meantime, thousands of Swedes are grounded and an industry is standing still.