New AMA President Rich Hanson supports FPV

New AMA President Rich Hanson supports FPV


Rich Hanson has been elected as President of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA).

Hanson is former District XI Vice President and currently serves as a member of the AMA’s Government and Regulatory Affairs Team.



AMA President Rich Hanson

Rich Hanson has been elected President of the AMA



Following his election, Hanson stated “I am extremely proud to have been elected to serve as president of the AMA, and I would like to thank all that supported me through the campaign and everyone who participated in the election process. I would also like to commend and thank all of the candidates for their commitment to the AMA and their willingness to serve. It is my great honor to serve the members of this great organization and I look forward to working with the other members of the Executive Council and our dedicated headquarters staff, in upholding our aeromodeling traditions while moving the Academy forward.”

Hanson received 8026 votes from AMA members. Lawrence Tougas came second with 4902 votes, and Eric Williams placed third with 3593 votes.

The AMA has been a major supporter of drone racing. It has lent its name and time to a number of events, including holding the MultiGP Championship at their headquarters in Muncie, Indiana.

Hanson has been a big supporter of these efforts. Many drone racers have expressed pleasure that he has been elected President.

Hanson’s presidency begins January 1, 2017. He replaces outgoing President Bob Brown. Brown has been a huge proponent of drones and appears in The Drone Invasion documentary.





The Drone Invasion is available to purchase or rent on Amazon now.


AMA President Rich Hanson is sure to be a big presence at the AMA Expo West and AMA Expo East in the new year.

The AMA Expo West takes place in Ontario, California January 6-8. The AMA Expo East is in Secaucus, New Jersey February 24-26.

We will be speaking and presenting The Drone Invasion at both events. We hope to see you there!


AMA President Rich Hanson

Join us at the AMA Expo