International Drone Day is this weekend!

International Drone Day is this weekend!


Saturday 6 May is the third annual International Drone Day. 90,000 people across the world are expected to gather together to spread the word that “drones are good”. Are you as excited as we are?




Why is International Drone Day important?


Drones are used for many wonderful things, but many people outside of the drone world are unaware of this. The purpose of International Drone Day is to educate the media and non-drone community about this, in order that we drone pilots are able to continue to fly in a world of ever-increasing regulation.



What good things are drones used for?

There’s a long list. Search and rescue, stopping poaching, conservation, crop management, glacier monitoring, art, film, sport, safety management, crime scene analysis, emergency situation management, flood analysis, and much more!


International Drone Day

Drones have been used to save lives in floods. Picture courtesy of @imsofirst



How can you take part?

There are around 180 teams taking part in International Drone Day, and the number increases every day. To take part simply look for the closest team to you on the map at and link through to the Facebook Page for the logistics.

If there isn’t a team near you make one! Contact us at to find out how


International Drone Day

The Netherlands are looking forward to Saturday’s event


How can you help spread the word?

Use the hashtags #IDD17 #internationaldroneday and #dronesaregood on your social media posts to make sure the world knows about International Drone Day!


What can I expect at an International Drone Day event?

Firstly, we guarantee you a good time. If you are a drone owner you’ll have the opportunity to fly and meet others that share your passion. If you are simply curious about drones you will be able to get up close and see them in action, and have any questions you wish answered.

All events are different. At many you will be able to see a drone race.

And the photo opportunities will be awesome!


International Drone Day

Drone Racing features heavily at International Drone Day events



What is the main event?

Each year one City hosts the mothership event. This year it is Team Portland. Joining us this year are, the Roswell Flight Test Crew, Jim ‘Demunseed” Bowers, and Amelia Dronehart founder Rhianna Lakin.


International Drone Day

Portland is host to the main event for International Drone Day 2017


Portland is a drone hub this year with the upcoming ASCEND conference being held there.

The event kicks off with a panel discussion and the Pacific North West premier of The Drone Invasion on Friday evening. It is followed by racing, STEM activities and fun flying on Saturday. Find more information here – come join us!



Who supports International Drone Day?

The Academy of Model Aeronautics is the primary sponsor of International Drone Day for the second year. The AMA do great work fighting for the rights of drone pilots, as well as providing insurance and fields to fly in. Become a member now!


International Drone Day

The Academy of Model Aeronautics supports International Drone Day


If you work in film you need FoxFury lights. They are the best on the market!

LiveU make live broadcasting a dream. We will be using this to bring you amazing coverage of International Drone Day!

Drone racing has become massively popular in the last 12 months and we are proud to partner with MultiGP in making this a key part of International Drone Day.

On that note, FlyMaxFPV will shortly launch awesome new racing drones. Stay tuned. They are a name to watch.

Progressive RC have all the accesories a drone pilot needs. Hit them up now.


Are only drone pilots excited about International Drone Day?

No, the media is too! Here’s a taste of some of the coverage ahead of the event:

7 News reports on Team Greenville covers Team New Jersey

The Portland Tribune tells all about the main event

Team Alabama makes the news

The Tampa Bay Times is excited about Team Tampa

Team Akron Canton is featured


The drone press is covering it too of course

Drone Magazine UK has a four page spread

UAV Expert News talks about the event

Women and Drones featured Sarah

The Drone Lass wanted to know more

Drones360 highlighted International Drone Day

Drone Watch in the Netherlands spoke to the Captain of Team Breda



Media Enquiries

International Drone Day was founded by David Oneal. Please contact him at or on 877.866.3816 for additional information.