Flying review of Ghostdrone 2.0!

Ghostdrone 2.0 VR flying review!

Ehang launched this year but it was somewhat overshadowed by their 184 – the people carrying drone.

We got our hands on one and fly it in our latest show. Check it out –





Ghostdrone 2.0 comes in two ways – with VR and without. We reviewed the VR version – and we were impressed!

Rather than a controller, the drone is controlled using a cell phone. For experienced drone pilots this takes a couple of minutes of getting used to, but for those new to drones it will feel very natural.

The drone mimics the movement of your phone. So you tilt the phone up, the drone tilts upwards.

Ghostdrone 2.0 VR has a 4K 12MP camera and 3-axis gimbal for shooting those cool aerial photos and videos.

It is pretty lightweight at 1,150g yet it is weighty enough to be very stable. It has a wind resistance of 24mph.

You can fly the drone at 25mph using GPS and at 43mph in manual mode, and it has a respectable 25 minute battery life.

The VR goggles are cool. You can fly with them or without them, and while flying can switch between the two very quickly. We liked them!

Remember when we flew the original Ghostdrone? Take a look at what has changed since then –





A very cool thing offered by Ehang on Ghostdrone 2.0 is their one-of-a-kind “you break it we fix it” one year warranty in the US, Canada and Mexico. As David explains in the review, this warranty includes no fault accident protection. Ehang will repair or replace your Ghostdrone 2.0 up to three times during the warranty period free of charge. Ehang even covers shipping both ways!



Ghostdrone 2.0 VR in black and orange

Ghostdrone 2.0 is available without VR for $399.99 and with VR for $899.99. Both drones come in either white and blue – as we flew – or black and orange. Both drones are available now.