Ghost Drone Review

 This is the Ghost drone & here are our thoughts after 6 months”


“It looks sexy, it has what sound like amazing follow me features, its a crowd funding success story, and people really seem to aspire to have one. ”


We first heard of the Ghost Drone while doing an episode of That Drone Show, we were super excited that they were going to be at CES, and so we went there to check them out, and did a show on them, and by that time we were really excited and we wanted to try one for ourselves.

So we left CES with a Ghost Drone, and we were ready to try it.  We had the gimbal and an extra battery and we thought to ourselves,  that this was going to be a drone that would be like a Phantom 2, but made even better by the fact that it would follow me.

We had all kinds of ideas about doing shows where we would ride a bike, and we would do the show from a bike path while being filmed by the Ghost Drone. We thought WOW we could really get some great aerial photography with pre-set points on the map etc.


 Like the follow me feature on the Iris+ it works,  just not exactly as easy as it looks on promotional materials. You have to factor in a few things like:

  • GPS is not pin point accurate so you need a wide area to try the follow me feature
  • The Ghost is not self aware and it does not have any avoidance system ( I hit a few trees in my tests)
  • You must keep the little G BOX on you at all times, and be sure its powered
    ( my GBOX had an issue where the USB connection broke after normal use and I was able to exchange it, from eHang without an problem.

Now, we have flown the Parrot Rolling Spider with our Android and our iPhone and we found that OK, but a substantial size drone like this was a bit different. So if you are used to flying with a traditional RC controller, it might take a bit to get used to the Ghost. But you will get the hang of it.



The gimbal was smooth, however, we did notice quite a bit of vibration and the props are in the top of the shot the whole time (however for a starter drone this might not be an issue)


Now we realize this is not a pro drone, and is in fact made for people who want to get into drones, for me I think the price is too high, but if its down to $400 or below I would say its a fun drone that does a good job of following you, if you adhere to the way it wants to work.

Ghost Drone by eHang


Ease of use


Good Value


Good for Aerial Photgraphy


Would we recommend?



  • Cool Name
  • Sexy Design
  • Black


  • Hard to use app
  • Plastic construction
  • Delayed Repsonse