Germany’s busiest airport was closed for an hour following drone sighting in Frankfurt

Thousands of air passengers across Europe are facing delays and cancellations today as French air traffic controllers go on strike. 

British Airways and Jet2 are among the UK airlines facing passenger fury as planes were forced to take long-way-round routes to avoid French airspace. 

A departure board at London Stansted showed flights to Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Italy delayed by half an hour or more.

To add to the chaos, Frankfurt Airport was closed for nearly an hour this morning after the runway was shut following a drone sighting. 

Like Shaggy said ” It wasn’t me”

No take-offs or landings were possible between 7.27am and 8.18m local time, the airport police said. 

Some passengers were forced to wait on the tarmac while a helicopter circled overhead in the search for the drone, according to German media.  

Lufthansa, Germany’s flag-carrying airline, said the ‘safety of our passengers is our highest priority’. 

Frankfurt, the fourth-busiest airport in Europe, handles hundreds of Lufthansa flights a day around Europe and the world.