Drone Lego? Yes please!

Drone Lego. Oh. My. Goodness.

Drones. It’s all fun and games until it gets serious. With these awesome proposed Lego sets it never needs to!

Up first, drone racing!

Submitted to Lego as something they should create, this set will allow your children (and you; we know you want one) to play with a drone racing circuit.

Drone lego racing circuit

It comes with gates, tunnels and obstacles as well as racing drones, pilots, flight line director, a trophy and a bottle of “Drone Racing Bubbles” for the victorious team! The pilots are all equipped with a radio remote control unit.

Drone lego racing pilots

Each drone is equipped with a frontal camera that allows FPV (First Person View) control of the drones. The image shot by the frontal camera is sent live into the goggles of the pilot, or onto a separated standing screen. The pilot is then fully immersed into the race environment.

Drone lego racing drone

Second, an aerial cinematography set.

Drone lego movie crew

Here, the drone is inspired by the Aerochrome 14 made by German drone manufacturer CooperCopter. It is an octocopter, with a payload capacity for an ARRI Alexa or RED EPIC.

It is equipped with a 3 axis gimbal (heading, pitch and roll), that allows to orient the camera independently from the drone structure, and virtually in any direction.

Drone lego movie drone

The crew consists of the drone pilot, the photographer and the director of photography. So, just like in real life the dual operators share the workload.

The director of photography insures that the footage is consistent with his vision and with the rest of the movie.
As he is a director, he is equipped with his chair, his clap and of course his megaphone!Drone lego movie crew

Next, a drone lego photographer set.

This set comprises of a drone, photographer, remote control, and accessories. So, when you can’t get outside you can simulate taking aerial pictures.

Lego drone photography


We love these. Go support the drone racing set,  the drone movie set, and the drone photography set.

Let’s make this happen.