Drone registration announcement by Federal Aviation Administration

Drone registration announcement by Federal Aviation Administration took place this morning.


Registration will be simple, easy and online for 0.55-55lb weight drones. The website is currently in beta but will be live Monday 21 December.

Fee to register is $5 per drone owner. Multiple drones may be registered for this.
The fee will be waived for the first 30 days of the registration period. Users will pay by credit card and then it will be refunded.

The $5 fee is renewable every three years and is the same fee that applies for all aircraft.

If you own a drone before December 21 you must register it by February 19 2016; if you buy it after December 21 you must register it before your first flight.

If you sell a drone previously registered you may unregister it, and the new owner is responsible for registering it in their name.

You may register a drone in your own name if aged 13 years or above. If younger, parents must register and supervise drone operation.

The FAA is placing a large emphasis on education, both for registration and for safe flying with the Know Before You Fly initiative.

While the FAA and retailers will work together to educate on registration at point of sale, the sole responsibility initially is to the drone owner.

One method in which the FAA is pushing out the message so that it is known quickly is to
broadcast it on screens at NFL games.

Criminal and civil enforcement remain available for non-compliance. Currently a drone would have to be recovered in order to enforce non regulation penalties.