Ultimate Drone Gift Guide – Part 5!

Ultimate drone gift guide!


Black Friday sales are still on and Christmas is only weeks away. We are your Drone Santa, helping you to find the perfect present.



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In Part 1 of our Ultimate Drone Gift Guide we helped you find the perfect drone for the drone lover in your life who loves to take good quality pictures and videos, is a selfie addict, or who travels light.

In Part 2 we identified the perfect drone for a fixed wing flyer, for someone wanting to start small, and for someone wanting to have fun flying indoors.

In Part 3 we found great gifts for someone in need of a new way to carry their drone, and the perfect gift for someone that needs a place to fly.

In Part 4 we showed gifts for someone that loves beautiful photographs or who wants to capture amazing aerial images, for a movie lover, and for someone that wants to spread the word that drones are good.

We have tested drones and accessories of all shapes and sizes. Here are more gift ideas based on our favorites.

We hope you find this useful. Part 6 of our Ultimate Drone Gift Guide is coming soon!



A drone gift for a drone pilot that wants to capture moments when they can’t fly

Drone technology has inspired a range of non-flying equipment. The DJI Osmo is a handheld device that allows you to film from the ground with the smoothness of a drone.



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The DJI brings drone technology to the ground



This allows you to capture action shots without the video blurring or shaking. Plus, the same applies when you move; the Osmo keeps the camera flat regardless of your movement so quality is not forsaken.

Check out this video we filmed with an Osmo –




The DJI Osmo is available in various versions. The lowest priced option is the DJI Osmo Mobile which uses a cell phone as a camera and is priced at $294

We first heard about the DxO ONE from Eric Cheng, DJI’s former Director of Aerial Imaging. A professional photographer, Cheng knows his stuff when it comes to cameras.

The DxO ONE is a small camera that may be used alone or attached to your cell phone to give professional level photographs in a tiny unit. We LOVE ours!

Check out these images captured by a DxO ONE:


drone gift

Sam has a lot to say about the DxO ONE


drone gift

Nugget is happy to pose for the camera




drone gift

Biscuit takes photography seriously and loves the DxO ONE



The DxO ONE can be used in manual or automatic mode. It has a one-inch, 20.2-megapixel BSI-CMOS sensor

The unit weighs just 3.8 ounces and is under three inches tall.



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The DxO One packs a lot into a small package. Picture courtesy of DxO



The DxO ONE is portable, easy to use and produce amazing images. We seriously never go anywhere without ours.

If you are looking for a high-quality camera, or you have one but don’t want to always carry your bulky and expensive equipment with you, this is the perfect gift.

The DxO ONE is priced at $499
We hope your gift dilemmas are a thing of the past. If not, stay tuned for Part 6 of our Ultimate Drone Gift Guide