DJI Mavic Air Flying

Even though the starting price is a high investment for a gadget with a 21-minute battery life, the upgraded tech housed within the sleek chassis makes the Mavic Air quite attractive, especially since it’s cheaper than its bigger brother. And, unlike the Spark, it ships with its own dedicated controller, which goes a long way…

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DJI Mavic Pro vs Mavic Air

DJI has officially announced its latest drone, the Mavic Air. This travel-friendly, 4K-ready drone is positioned to take the spotlight from other drones in the consumer space with impressive performance and a portable form factor, and its a hot topc But, there’s still the Mavic Air’s bigger and pricier older brother, the Mavic Pro, to…

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Drone flies over Jet Liner?

Hey, if you own a drone, maybe don’t fly it over an airplane filled with passengers? The FAA is investigating a video that seems to show a drone’s close call with a commercial airliner landing at McCarran International Airport near Las Vegas Flying a drone near an airport is definitely not allowed by the FAA.…

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Remember the Zano drone? Its back!

In 2015 we brought you the zano drone from CES and guess what, nothing happened expect they went out of buinsess…. but like the lilly drone — they are back! A group of developers are attempting to revive the Zano drone – one of Kickstarter’s most notorious failures. The handheld quadcopter raised £2.3m from more…

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Selfly yet another selfie drone for 2018?

Wow another selfie drone? Seriously? This seems really a bit 2016 but is this drone diffrent? Professional camera drones are hefty, not to mention expensive. Even our favorite drone for taking selfies, the DJI Spark, runs about $500. If you want a more convenient way to take pictures from the sky, AEE may have a…

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Ultimate Drone Gift Guide – Drone Racing – Part 8!

Gift Guide - Drone Racing

Ultimate drone gift guide – Drone Racing!         Are you panicking yet? Don’t! We are taking the stress our of your drone Christmas shopping. In Part 1 of our Ultimate Drone Gift Guide we helped you find the perfect drone for the drone lover in your life who loves to take good quality pictures and…

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Ultimate Drone Gift Guide – Racing – Part 7!


Ultimate drone gift guide – Racing!       It’s almost Christmas! We have taken the hard work out of shopping for your drone  enthusiast. In Part 1 of our Ultimate Drone Gift Guide we helped you find the perfect drone for the drone lover in your life who loves to take good quality pictures and videos, is…

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International Drone Expo drone racing!

International Drone Expo – drone racing and more!   The International Drone Expo is back for its third year and it is bigger and better than ever.         This year sees drone racing come live to the show floor. It is one of only a handful of drone races that have taken…

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Uber drones! Car service puts adverts in the sky

Uber drones

Uber drones!   Using drones to hold advertising banners has long been discussed. A couple of years ago we did an episode of That Drone Show in which we interviewed the CEO of a company that did this along the Las Vegas strip. Now, the popular global car service Uber has brought the topic back…

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