Happy Birthday International Drone Day

It was two years ago today that the world celebrated International Drone Day Over 140 countries and over 40,000 people came together around the globe on March 14, 2015 The next International Drone Day is set for May 6, 2017 – join a team here

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Should you buy a 3D Robotics Solo?

3D Robotics Solo

Should you buy a 3D Robotics Solo? 3D Robotics launched its Solo drone at NAB in April 2015 to great excitement. Holding court at one of the largest booths on the main floor at the exhibition, the many 3DR employees manning it were inundated by people eager to see the latest “must have” drone. Check out our…

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Leica drone? Don’t Leica make cameras?


Leica is a well known name to those of us that are fans of high quality cameras. We have a Leica M and love it – it produces amazing images, and performs amazingly well in low lights!         Did you know that Leica is also a name in drones? Leica Geosystems is…

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The Phonedrone Ethos! Would you fly your phone?


Phonedrone Ethos is a product that will divide drone users. Is it crazy or a rad device? We took a look at this innovative drone at InterDrone. Here’s what we found out –       xCraft’s Phonedrone came to the world’s attention in October 2015 when they won backing from all five sharks on ABC’s…

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Orbit – the sexy looking drone!


Orbit by Skye Intelligence is a sexy looking drone! We got the buzz on it at from David Sliwa at InterDrone. Here’s what we found out –       Sleek, black, low and round – the Orbit drone stands out from the box like shape of many drones in the market. Apple like in feel, it…

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Huge drone! The PRODRONE

Huge drone

PRODRONE was one of the busiest booths at InterDrone due to the awesome huge drone on display. This attention carried over to Instagram where our video of its mechanical arms has received lots of views. We found out what a beast like this is used for. Check it out –     Showing some of the coolest…

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Autel Robotics and the X-Star Premium!

Autel Robotics

Autel Robotics has generated a lot of buzz in recent months with the X-Star and X-Star Premium. They have been upping their appearances at events, and we were delighted to catch up with them at InterDrone. Take a look –     The bright orange of the drone makes it stand out in a sea of…

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The Egg drone. Is it just a gimmick?

The Egg drone has attracted a lot of attention in recent times. We became familiar with it at InterDrone. Take a look –     The Egg drone was another star attraction at InterDrone, and it looked great in the flight cage. The PowerEgg by PowerVision is designed to be sleek and sexy and to offer…

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The Breeze by Yuneec is here!

The Breeze by Yuneec is here and we got up close and personal with it at InterDrone. This selfie taking drone was launched very recently and for many people InterDrone was their first opportunity to see it. And it attracted quite the crowd. We found out everything you need to know about this cool new…

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