Brand new 2018 DJI Phantom Pro Drone

Today, DJI quietly releases the new Phantom 4 Pro V2.0. It is no surprise really, as we have been reporting on this new quadcopter from the Chines drone maker for some time now. The P4P V2.0 retails for $1,499, or more depending on options, and is available for purchase starting today. Here are all the…

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Lume Cube adds headlights to your drone!

Lume Cube drone

During the day cars and drones perform great without lights. When the sun goes down we switch the headlights on on our cars to improve visibility. However, drones don’t tend to come with headlights. Until Lume Cube.     Lume Cube is a small unit that snaps on to most popular drones. Controlled via Bluetooth…

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Zenmuse Z3 gets you closer

Zenmuse Z3 allows drone pilots to get closer to a subject without changing altitude. Just launched by DJI, this new integrated aerial zoom camera is optimized for still photography, providing up to a 7x zoom.   Some of the biggest growing areas drone technology is being used in are industrial and agricultural applications, such as inspection, surveying, and…

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Anthony Cools – Drones, Planes, and Automobiles

Anthony Cools

Las Vegas headliner Anthony Cools is truly living the dream. Not only does he host the world’s longest running hypnotist show at the Paris Hotel every night, he also runs a successful drone business.   A lifelong model aircraft pilot, Anthony began flying drones a few years ago and is a 333 exempt FAA legal…

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