Flight Team

$150,000 DRONE – that you can fly?

Yes you can order this drone now! The plan to classify the hoverbike as an ultralight vehicle resulted in some minor design tweaks to fulfill the legal requirements of the classification, but this final commercial iteration is still, at its core, the same crazy quadcopter hoverbike. Watch your legs! Its new carbon fiber frame drops…

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Happy Birthday International Drone Day

It was two years ago today that the world celebrated International Drone Day Over 140 countries and over 40,000 people came together around the globe on March 14, 2015 The next International Drone Day is set for May 6, 2017 – join a team here

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That Drone Show Flight Team

That Drone Show Flight Team That Drone Show’s Flight Team is made up of drone pilots from around the world. The team has one mission; to show the world that “drones are good”. The Flight Team performs and records missions. These range from helping local firefighters and law enforcement agencies to realize the potential uses…

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