The Drone Invasion at the AMA Expo East and West!

AMA Expo has answered your prayers! You’ve asked for more screenings of The Drone Invasion movie. Here they are!

We are delighted to announce that The Drone Invasion will be screened at the AMA Expo West and the brand new AMA Expo East.

The AMA Expo East has just been announced and finally the east coast get to join in the fun!

The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) have announced the acquisition of the annual WRAM Trade Show. It has been rebranded to mirror the hugely successful AMA Expo West which takes place in Ontario each year.

AMA President Bob Brown commented “Our years of expertise with the AMA Expo in Ontario, California will allow us to transform the 2017 WRAM Show into a new and vibrant show.”

Bob stars in the new documentary The Drone Invasion. Take a look –




The first ever East coast Expo will be held February 24-26, 2017, at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey.

We are big supporters of the AMA and all they do to provide flying space and secure flying rights for drone pilots. Dedicated to showing that “drones are good”, they were the title sponsors of International Drone Day 2016.



AMA Expo East

The AMA were the title sponsors of International Drone Day 2016



We are super excited to be speaking at both the Expo East and the Expo West.

We join fellow speaker astronaut Hoot Gibson.

“Hoot has accomplished everything in aviation and aerospace and has a great presentation about how he got started flying model aircraft, which led him to become an astronaut.” notes AMA Director of Marketing and Digital Strategy Jeff Nance (who also appears in The Drone Invasion!).



AMA Expo East

Astronaut Hoot Gibson will speak at AMA Expo East and AMA Expo West. Photography courtesy of



We follow in the footsteps of Jeff Skiles, co-pilot of the “Miracle on the Hudson” as featured in the huge new movie Sully.

Another previous speaker was Caitlyn Jenner, whom we caught up with at the Expo in 2015. Check it out –



One of the longest-running shows in model aviation the AMA chartered club, Westchester Radio Aero Modelers (WRAM), managed the show for 48 years.

“Since we are not holding a show in 2017, we are pleased that AMA has stepped in to continue with a show for model aviation enthusiasts from Maine to Virginia,” club officers commented.

AMA Expo East will take place February 24–26, 2017. It will be held at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey.

AMA Expo West is on January 6-8, 2017, at the Ontario Convention Center in Ontario, California.

Tickets for both expos will be on sale shortly. Stay tuned!