Drone videos with AirVuz – the YouTube of drones

Drone videos are fun to watch, and cool to get new ideas for locations, shots, and drone purchases from. Warning: viewing them often also lead to flying envy!

Those of us that love drones also love watching footage online. However, much of the content is either held on Facebook accounts where you have to either follow or be friends with the person, or in Facebook groups where it’s easy to miss. There are also quite a few drone clips on Instagram, but they are limited to 60 seconds. Then there’s the biggest source of all: YouTube. And while being big is great – there are so many videos to watch! – that is in itself problematic. There’s so much bad footage to shift through to get to something decent. Who has time for that? Not us

Enter AirVuz. AirVuz is a name you have most likely come across over the last year or so. They’ve had a large presence at many events – International Drone Day, the International Drone Expo, to name a couple – as well as being regular commenters on social media.¬†Hopefully seeing them around has prompted you to take a trip to www.airvuz.com, but if not we recommend you do.


A very heavily pregnant Sarah with Jeff Timmons of AirVuz (and 98 Degrees!) at the 2016 AMA Exo

Viewing AirVuz takes the hard work out of watching drone videos. Users upload content, and the videos are split into categories. So whether you want to spend a few hours binge watching sports coverage with a drone, travel to exotic locations, or check out MattyStuntz doing wicked FPV tricks, finding the content that interests you is easy.AirVuz

AirVuz also has a selection of produced content which is well worth checking out too. Like us they will be at the upcoming Drone Nationals, filming their Behind the Goggles show. So keep an eye peeled for that on 6th and 7th of August!