Action Drone AD1 flight on Flashback Friday!

Action Drone AD1 flying test!

Today we are flashing back to the time we flew the Action Drone AD1 in high winds.

What did we think to it? Take a look at the video and find out –




We can not stress enough how cold and windy it was on this day! Sarah and Action Drone’s Sherdellah’s teeth were chattering and their hair was flying. This was a true test!

Our footage of the Action Drone in flight was shot using our DJI Global Inspire 1.


The AD1 is designed for commercial and industrial sectors and comes in two models: AD1 (Standard) and AD1-Thermal.

The AD1 Standard – the one we flew – is for you if visual perspective is key. It shoots aerial photos and videos using their anti-vibration gimbal system. It works with GoPro cameras.



Action Drone AD1

AD1 Standard shoots aerial photos and videos




The AD1-Thermal is designed to detect hot spots, making it ideal for performing inspections, managing livestock and natural resources, and the quickly deployment of search and rescue operations and reconnaissance. It works by carrying a FLIR camera, which operates alongside a HD visual pilot camera.



Action Drone AD1

AD1-Thermal is designed to detect hot spots



Folding drones are hot right now but Action Drone were ahead of their time as the AD1 has collapsible folding arms and a portable and compact frame. It measures 23.5 in diagonal motor to motor.

The AD1 carries a payload of up to 4.8lb.

The drone flies for up to 20 minutes, and can cover 100 sq m in 7 minutes. It has a cruising speed of 17.9 mph and tolerates winds of 20 mph. Although we think the winds on the day we flew were stronger than that!

Primarily a commercial drone, the AD1 has a telemetry range of 1 mile, and includes failsafe and return to home functionality.

Action Drone’s CEO Darryl Anunciado appears in The Drone Invasion documentary. Additional screenings will be announced so stay tuned. Here’s a taste of what people at its premiere thought –





The AD1 is available now from Action Drone.