Orbit – the sexy looking drone!

Orbit by Skye Intelligence is a sexy looking drone!

We got the buzz on it at from David Sliwa at InterDrone. Here’s what we found out –




Sleek, black, low and round – the Orbit drone stands out from the box like shape of many drones in the market. Apple like in feel, it stands out for the right reasons.

It is futuristic in appearance and functionality and is intuitive in a number of ways. If you hold your hand over it it turns on!



David got his hands on the Orbit at InterDrone



The Orbit produces 16 MP photographs and 1080p video.

Pretty lightweight; the drone including battery weighs 2.8lb. Battery life is up to 28 minutes and the battery takes around two hours to charge.

The drone boasts a sophisticated auto follow function, with a hyper accurate GPS and the ability to learn and predict manoeuvres.



The Orbit’s patented tracking system


By wearing the Orbit Tracker – a subtle arm band similar to those used by runners – the drone will track you, to the extent that you can put your phone away and it will follow you. Using this is very simple – you put on the Tracker, frame yourself in the app and click OK – that’s it!

Conceived and designed as an entry level drone for those new to flying, the Orbit allows you to easily edit pictures and videos while flying – even applying cool Instagram like filters and a diverse array of musical tracks. We think this could be used to great effect while attending events.

The drone flies using your phone as a remote control. It is controlled via the SKYE app.

We managed to get our hands on one and will be putting it to the test soon. Stay tuned for a review.

A Kickstarter project, the Skye Intelligence Orbit exceeded its $200,000 goal in 45 days.  It will be available soon and will retail at $799.